The Lucrece Project

Creative Experiments in Critical Practice

Welcome to the online home of The Lucrece Project, a working research group founded at New York University in 2010. The Lucrece Project brings together artists and academics from New York and beyond to explore the boundaries between disciplines and challenge the supposed divide between creative and critical working methods.  

In spring 2013, The Lucrece Project teamed up with Anamesa, the interdisciplinary journal of NYU's Draper Program, to produce a special print journal issue. The idea for the collaboration was born more than a year before that, and work began in earnest in Fall 2012, when Lucrece Project members were paired with staff members of Anamesa in the partnerships that would form the backbone of the issue.

We began the process with an invitation to our members: to produce a first draft of a work that would convey something of their experience in The Lucrece Project using the medium of a simple sheet of paper. That single white sheet could include text, drawing or painting, photography, graphic design, or anything else—we encouraged our members to be adventurous in their use of the medium. Their partners from the Anamesa staff then contributed responses to those drafts; again, these responses could take any form as long as they could be translated onto the page. Finally, the Lucrece Project members absorbed their partners’ responses and redrafted their original versions with the responses in mind. The journal presents all three contributions—the original design, the response, and the redrafted design—in the order in which they were created, not in order to privilege the “final” redrafted design over the original, but to expose the process of thought and creation that went into the issue. Our exploration of process has taught us that beginnings are as interesting and significant as endings—and in any case, endings are often beginnings of another sort.

We are very grateful to our many contributors from The Lucrece Project and Anamesa, especially our talented cover designer, Josephine Livingstone, and to The NYU Center for the Humanities and English Department for funding this project. 

To view a PDF of the journal introduction and front matter, please click here. To view a PDF of the cover, click here